Will Coe is the Editor of the ezine, Egopendium, and author of ‘The Archer Prism: reflecting Sir John Harington‘, ‘Ten Women with a Past‘ & ‘Twenty Men with a Past‘.

Will is constantly researching major contemporary figures and finding their historical counterparts to create interesting angles for articles in Egopendium.

Researching into areas he previously knew little about throws up some surprising facts or ideas. These are the Offshoots which form the basis of this blog.

Will is a history grad and his first book, ‘The Archer Prism’, was a fictionalised autobiography of a famous (in his time) Elizabethan writer and inventor, John Harington. Harington looks back at his life through the modern lens of the bestselling novelist, ex-convict and controversial British peer, Jeffrey Archer.

Will’s current novel-in-progress. ‘Meek & Mild Revenge’, moves away from historical fiction and into the modern crime genre. It relies less on research and more on character creation (rather than recreation). It’s a different challenge.


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